Our Motive

If you are one of those who is looking for real time scenario based interview questions and answers, congratulations to you firstly. You landed on the right place. We are organizing this blog mainly to give such kind of interview questions and answers to aspiring bigdata developers, looking for job change. We know the interview patterns of almost all giant companies like Amazon, Microsoft,
Teradata etc. These companies will never ask for any technical questions directly. They always look for candidates who are good at analyzing the problems and provide the resolutions within stipulate time. Before taking interviews of these companies I have searched a lot of blogs if I can get any idea how they ask the questions, but nowhere I got perfect blog. That is when I decided to create a blog which can provide solutions of interview questions based on real time scenario.

You may get doubt that how I know the interview patterns of these companies. I attended lot of interviews, of course for my first company switch I attended 43 interviews and in all the interviews I got something new to know. In every interview you won't able answer some questions because the interviewer might be more intelligent person than you or you may not came across a situation like that. That is why I continuously attend the interviews to get the knowledge from the interviewers.

In this blog I will cover the interview questions for all the bigdata technologies, error resolutions for some technologies and technical blogs. I hope this blog will give fun and knowledge. And there is comment box at the end of every blog where you can comment about the post, if there is any mistake or any modification requires in it. There used to be one lecturer during my graduation who sends out the solution of electrical technology question paper after every weekend test, month end test. He always rights one line at the end of document saying that "My final solution for the above problems might be wrong but the approach to do them definitely not". He is inspiration for accepting the mistakes in my blog. There is another message box for sending me any interview question you came across that is not covered in my blog.