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If you are an aspiring Data Engineer and reading this article implies that you have landed on a wonderful website. Bigdata interview questions or Data Engineer interview questions are some times peculiar. You cannot always say that this would be the pattern and also sometimes right answer also cannot make go through an interview. This is because interviewers are always looking better solutions, which means better answers. Interview patterns also changing rapidly. Knowing theory might not help you always. We should know coding also because we might have to right code on the spot. Always be prepared for both of them. We have already almost all the theory about Spark, Hive, Scala, etc and we are continuously putting our efforts to make this website better and better.


Of course this article does not cover anything related to Bigdata or Bigdata interview or Data Engineering interview questions. But we will guide you how to prepare for it. Already we have posted one article covering the technical preparation of Bigdata or Data Engineering interview. But here we are going to cover few more extra points which commonly we do while attending interviews.



While I'm taking interview I have seen lot of resumes having so many skills which they don't even know properly. First of all make your resume to show the skills which are very good at. Interviewers will ask the questions related to the skill that you have mentioned in your resume. If you mention the skills that you are good at, there is high possibility that you can answer the questions very well there by chances of going through the interview is also high.



As already mentioned previously in this post, there is already an article covered on this blog which works as a preparation guide. Click here to read the article that explains how to prepare for a Data Engineer or Bigdata interview.


Know about the company before going to interview

Some times you might performed good in the interview but not the level that interviewer expected. In that case knowledge about their might help you. At the end of every interview, the person taking interview will definitely ask the question that is, "Do you have any questions?". That's where the knowledge about the company gives you advantage. Just do some research in Google. When is it started, how is it started, what are the services they are offering, do they have any products in market, how popular the products, if you have used any of their product during work then take advantage of familiarity about the product and tell them if you have faced any issue with that or if you feel any feature can add advantage to it. This tells them that you are really interested in their company and intention to work with them. Suddenly the impression about you might change and even you might be hired.


As we are already working, doing all these things for just changing the job might take more time and even you have to spend late nights for studying, resume writing and doing research. Elon Musk says that "No body can change the world by working 9-5". Nothing comes for free. We have to put lot of efforts to make it there. An employee is always a resource to a company, like a sugarcane to a juice maker. Once you are out of date in technical knowledge you will be out of the company. So always be prepared, keep updating yourself with latest technologies, have certifications if possible and always be ready for an interview. All the best..

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